DGR Draft #6 – Ryan

In this Dragon’s Maze Draft, Ryan (rjh) has four guildgates and three gatekeepers.  What do you think is the minimum number of gates you need in order to play three gatekeepers?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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4 responses to “DGR Draft #6 – Ryan”

  1. judgemike says :

    I am quite surprised that you went with the random value guildgates. I am not as much of a fan. Even though the scenarios that were affected by the guildgates were few and far between, I just think an untapped land would be better. I mean, I know that with the gates the gatekeepers become 2-for-1’s but you even said as you were drafting that you didn’t particularly care for an act of treason affect, and those were 2 of the gatekeepers. That being said, I like the experiment and maybe it made your opponents think twice a couple times. How’s this for greed though: dimir guildgate and an island to play both halves of far and away, cutting the selesnya guildgate for the island, or reducing your mountains by 1. I’m greedy.

    Also, interesting deck. I really like how sometimes drafting in DGR just surprises you. Maybe one day you’ll be able to play Simic.

  2. agnememnon says :

    Gatekeepers are good but they are no Ichorclaw Myrs. I usually can’t justify the gatekeepers unless I have 4+ gates.

  3. judgemike says :

    You sir have delivered. It is now my turn. Ichorclaws for you.

  4. ryanjhill says :

    @judgemike: That is greedy…and I love it!

    @agnememnon: Agreed. On both statements. 🙂

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