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BFZ Draft #1 – Mike

Mike is back drafting BFZ! Do 3 mythics outweigh the 41 card deck? Let’s find out.

Fate Reforged Draft #1 – Mike

Now Mike is drafting Fate Reforged. Liked the draft, not so much (spoiler alert) the results.

Fate Reforged Pre-Release Sealed – Mike

Aww Yeah! Fate Reforged is here. Mike, minimally prepared, maximally excited, tries to figure out how to build and pilot hit deck.

Fate Reforged Draft #1 – Ryan

Ryan is finally able to get into a prerelease draft for Fate Reforged!  He stumbles his way through the new draft environment for the first time, stocking up on powerful (too many?) 5-drops and meeting friendly opponents all along the way.