Archive | May 2014

Journey Into Nyx Draft #5 – Ryan

Ryan squares of against Ajani for the first time in Theros.  “soooooo….that’s a bomb.  got it.”

Journey Into Nyx Draft #2 – Mike

Mike decides it is a good time to channel Ryan, when Ryan is playing in Core Set. For those fans of ManaBluff, do you know what Ryan’s go-to archetype is?…. Let’s find out.

Journey Into Nyx Draft #4 – Ryan

Ryan falls into the trap of forcing colors for a Mythic Rare.  Can he salvage the draft?  The results are…interesting.

Journey Into Nyx Drafts #2 and #3 – Ryan

Ryan is done with exams, so he hits the draft queues with fervor.  Thus, here are two back-to-back drafts for your viewing pleasure.