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The Beginning of Something Great, and Some “Get to Know Us” Stuff

I struggled to think of a good way to start our introductory post, so I decided what better way than to get right into it. ManaBluff is three guys that, a little over a year ago happened to go to the same Friday Night Magic event. I don’t want to say it, but I will … And the rest is history.

The concept is old, but its actualization is new. ManaBluff is composed of Ryan, Chris, and Mike. The three of us are making our way into the competitive Magic scene, not only developing our strengths as individual players, but also solidifying a kickass trio.

From our humble beginnings in the (strictly) Limited environment, mostly drafts, we have branched out and have begun competitive constructed play. This site, although primarily intended to broaden our reach into the world that is Magic the Gathering, is also meant to help other Magic enthusiasts in their card slingin’. In the future, expect set reviews, draft videos, some theory crafting, and possibly some fun on the side.

On behalf of Team ManaBluff,

Be Ready.