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Theros Draft #10 – Ryan

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Theros (THS) Draft #6 – Mike

How greedy can one spell-slinger be? Mike (schlocknock) knows the answer, and the answer is him.

Theros Draft #9 – Ryan

Gifts from the Gods, oh my!  4 of the 5 Legendary Enchantment Artifacts make an appearance in Ryan’s (rjh) latest Theros draft.  Will they fall into the hands of powerful opponents, sit idly in an inexperienced mage’s sideboard, or will Ryan get greedy and draft every single one of them!?

Theros (THS) Draft #8 – Ryan

In this week’s draft, Ryan (rjh) ends up with a major weakness in his deck and must adjust his gameplay in order to compensate for this weakness.  Would you make the same counterintuitive decisions, or just draft a better deck?