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M14 Draft #7 – Ryan

This week, Mike (schlocknock) and Ryan (rjh) jump into the same pod with dreams of meeting in the finals.  So, if you have not already done so, be sure to check out “M14 Draft #3 – Mike” for another perspective on this draft!

M14 Draft #3 – Mike

After a couple weeks, Mike (schlocknock) is back. This week’s edition is a special one. Don’t forget to check back later this Friday to see Ryan’s (rjh) take on the draft. Yes, you heard me right, ManaBluff queue.

M14 Draft #6 – Ryan

Ryan (rjh) take the Opportunity to go blue, yet somehow ends up in the worst color combination of M14!  (side note: worst color combination is up for debate)

M14 Draft #4 and #5 – Ryan

For this week’s post, Ryan (rjh) showcases two common themes of drafting with a special 2-draft combo.  First, in M14 Draft #4, Ryan highlights the purely fun side of drafting (special shout-out to “Slimebuckets” and a sweet deck that made it to the finals)!  Second, in M14 Draft #5, Ryan highlights the purely miserable side of drafting (but note how even when a draft goes terribly wrong and Ryan is left with a pile of garbage, luck and perseverance can eek out the wins)!