M14 Draft #7 – Ryan

This week, Mike (schlocknock) and Ryan (rjh) jump into the same pod with dreams of meeting in the finals.  So, if you have not already done so, be sure to check out “M14 Draft #3 – Mike” for another perspective on this draft!

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5 responses to “M14 Draft #7 – Ryan”

  1. DeNaald says :

    Wheeling the blightcaster was such a big game. Taking the Water Servant locks you into 9/9 mana base, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 🙂

    On the last pick shrivel vs. coral merfolk. Shrivel is actualy very decent against Young Pyromancer decks.

    M1G3, you are really determined to not play those Islands, are you?

    still need to see the rest 🙂

    • DeNaald says :

      Ahw you messed up M2G2 really bad! 😦

      • ryanjhill says :

        I know! I played very sloppily…in fact, I think my deck was strong enough to win the draft, but I threw it all away. Not my finest. 😦
        (and good point on Shrivel!)

  2. DeNaald says :

    I think your deck was certainly good. The only thing it lacked was some sort of card draw. How did your buddy do?

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