M14 Draft #3 – Mike

After a couple weeks, Mike (schlocknock) is back. This week’s edition is a special one. Don’t forget to check back later this Friday to see Ryan’s (rjh) take on the draft. Yes, you heard me right, ManaBluff queue.

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One response to “M14 Draft #3 – Mike”

  1. ryanjhill says :

    In R1, G2…choosing to Enlarge over Pacifism was correct because if your opponent had Naturalize…ouch! Also, I would not have offered the trade of Auramancer for Sentinel Sliver. Auramancer was your only threat and having your opponent at 6 meant it was a viable threat. There was no reason to trade your game finishing creature for your opponent’s irrelevant creature that you could block for days with Wall of Swords. Better to hold your opponent in check while you waited to draw into a finisher.

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