Archive | April 2013

GTC Sealed #1 – Mike

Mike tries something a little different in the time between paper release of DGM and the online release of the new set. Spoiler alert, due to some internet connectivity issues, the only part of this event that actually happened was the deckbuilding, which also ultimately resulted in the submission of a 140 card deck.

How would you have build your deck based on this sealed pool? I won’t give away the three color combination I ended up going, but I am pretty confident the guild I chose was the correct option. What you all can help me out with is not only what would your splash color have been, but within the splash what are your 22nd and 23rd cards?

RTR Draft #1 – Ryan

A return to Return to Ravnica in order to master the Dragon’s Maze.  Count how many times Ryan (rjh) brain-farts into thinking he’s still playing Gatecrash!

GTC Draft #8 – Mike

Did Mike make the right pick by sticking to his guns, or could he have better read the signals?

GTC Draft #8 – Ryan

In a format where it’s common knowledge to stick to two colors or play all five, Ryan (rjh) can’t seem to help but splash about in the kiddy pool…with knights and thrulls and frog-lizards.  Oh my.