Archive | July 2014

Magic 2015 Sealed #1 – Mike

Mike is back again, and how sweet it is to be back on with the new core set. Hopefully jumping in and picking a promo at random is the right way to go about things. And he’s supposed to play his sealed deck with zero of his rares in it, right?…

Magic 2015 Draft #1 – Ryan

Ryan finally gets to rock an M15 prerelease draft and ends up playing against Travis Sowers, aka Semulin! (If you don’t already watch Semulin’s stuff, check out his stream on or his vids on

Journey Into Nyx Draft #11 – Ryan

Heads-up with this draft: Ryan experiences some technical difficulty while recording.  The matches are abruptly cut short, possibly due to some new client issue, possibly due to Ryan’s lack of tech savvy.  In any case, sorry for any inconvenience.  Oh, and Go Dragons!

Journey Into Nyx Draft #10 – Ryan

Ryan learns how to anchor the chat window in the beta client!  (It’s the small wins in life that matter)