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RTR Draft #1 – Mike

Here is my first solo post. Hope you all enjoy.

ManaBluff crack-a-pack #1

ManaBluff’s first crack-a-pack!  Yes, we’re learning.  🙂

The first time I played magic

The first time that I played magic was with two of my cousins camping. We played with pre-constructe decks. Urza’s Destiny was the new set. I played with “Fiendish Nature” a green black deck that focused on large green creatures with regeneration and a splach black removal and return to play. Playing a three way match for my first time has influenced how I look at magic.

As the game played out I was in what I thought was the lead. I had the most life but the board the stalled. One of my cousins convinced me to stop my other cousins advances. We stalled out the game for quite a few turns until the first cousin drew a fireball and killed us both in one turn.

So what did I learn? Magic is a fun game. I love big creatures. When you play multiplayer it is also about politics.