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Battle for Zendikar Draft #1 – Ryan

This is my second draft in the format and, like a lot of players, I’m really seeing how important synergy is in this format.  I think the overall power level of the individual cards in this deck is fairly high, yet the synergy level in the deck is below average.  During the draft, are there picks you would have made differently to increase the synergy powers of the deck?

Magic Origins Sealed #1 – Ryan

Ryan switches things up a little bit and goes exploring in the world of Sealed!

Magic Origins Draft #6 – Ryan

Ryan returns to the 8-4 queues and continues to focus on drafting signals.  How often can he correctly predict what colors his opponents are playing?

Magic Origins Draft #5 – Ryan

Ryan challenges himself to draft outside of his comfort zone.  Would you put the 7 drops in the deck?