Archive | March 2014

Born of the Gods Draft #6 – Ryan

Ryan gets to play with The Lion King for the first time.  And Medomai decides to join the fun.  Along with Heliod loaning his spear out for a few matches.  It’s a fun deck, not gonna lie.

Mirage Block Draft #1 – Mike

Guess who’s back? That’s right, Mike is. Also, he’s back with a bang. Mirage is also back and Mike decides to jump into a draft format he knows nothing about. That can’t be too bad, right?

Born of the Gods Draft #5 – Ryan

After a brief hiatus while battling the flu, Ryan is back at the draft table.  Game one is a grinder.  You’ve been warned!

Born of the Gods Draft #4 – Ryan

First pick a powerful gold card, or pick a strong mono-colored card to stay open?  Ryan sets the draft in motion with his take on this tricky debate on first picks.