Archive | September 2014

Magic 2015 Draft #13 – Ryan

MTGO decides to play some tricks during Ryan’s final draft of Magic 2015.  Ryan rocks an 80 card deck in this absurd tournament!

Magic 2015 Draft #12 – Ryan

Ryan battles through sleep deprivation and a heat wave to rock out another M15 draft.  He can’t even remember which game he is playing!

Magic 2015 Drafts #10 and #11 – Ryan

Although the new Fall set is the talk of the town, Ryan continues to grind MTGO with M15 drafts (gotta do something ’till the new set makes it online).  Here’s a double-header for your viewing pleasure.

Magic 2015 Draft #9 – Ryan

Ryan thinks he drafts the open colors, only to find all of his opponents are in the same colors!  Whoops!