GTC Draft #8 – Mike

Did Mike make the right pick by sticking to his guns, or could he have better read the signals?

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One response to “GTC Draft #8 – Mike”

  1. ryanjhill says :

    Good draft. I would have made almost the exact same early picks. Yes, Simic ended up being wide open, but I don’t think there was ever a point where it was right for you to move into Simic.
    Here are the picks I would have made differently:
    1) Mugging over Madcap Skills. Always and ever. Skills can get you free wins…but it also gets you two-for-oned by Mugging all the time.
    2) 2-drop over Ground Assault. I agree the GA is super powerful, and Skinbrand Goblin is a bummer of a 1st pick in a new pack, but you even admit that 2-drops was what your deck needed. Stick to the solid playable over the splash.
    3) Millenial Gargoyle over Simic Charm. Your deck actually needed a four drop at that point, even if it was a lame-o Garg. And Boros is the one deck that doesn’t mind the flyer. I’m not against hating powerful cards, but I prioritize smoothing my deck out first.
    Agree or debate?

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