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DGR Draft #7 – Ryan

SPOILER ALERT!!:  In Round 2, Ryan (rjh) faces off against an opponent with a very unusual, yet super-spicy deck.  Special shout out to Politeagression for such a sweet brew!

DGR Draft #7 – Mike

It’s always fun when you feel like the draft didn’t go your way and you expect to be out in round one.You decide. Did Mike actually end up with a sweet deck, was the entire draft just funky, or was there a fair bit of luck involved?

DGR Draft #6 – Ryan

In this Dragon’s Maze Draft, Ryan (rjh) has four guildgates and three gatekeepers.  What do you think is the minimum number of gates you need in order to play three gatekeepers?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

DGR Draft #5 – Ryan

Ryan (rjh) starts this Dragon’s Maze 8-4 with a tough choice between three first pickable cards.  Obviously, he takes the shiny one.  Duh.