DGR Draft #6 – Mike

Where oh where will the packs lead Mike as he has to make some exciting choices? The Dragon’s Maze awaits, also pay attention to a special appearance from a viewer.

2 responses to “DGR Draft #6 – Mike”

  1. judgemike says :


    I could have won, well or been potentially not as blown out by cyclonic rift, M1G2 if I would have played my mana more efficiently and played out the syndicate enforcer rather than the battering krasis. One more point of damage on the subsequent attack plus and extort when I play the battering krasis means my opponent would have been at 4 the turn before I lose. This means if I attack with everything opponent can’t block. Granted, having a different life total than what ended up happening would have changed my opponent’s attacks but I definitely lost out on too many points of damage to just shrug it off.

  2. ryanjhill says :

    You are not overvaluing Beatleform Mage. That card is too good! I’m never sad when I first pick it. Love that card!

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