Khans of Tarkir Draft #1 – Ryan

Ryan tries out the warrior tribal theme in his first KTK draft.  The cards are new, the players inexperienced, and the super-duper-fun level is high!

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2 responses to “Khans of Tarkir Draft #1 – Ryan”

  1. DeNaald says :

    I like the draft portion overall, though I would probably just have tried to go with the first rare you openend and have some fun. I know it commits to multiple colors at the same time, but I do believe it’s a very powerfull effect.

    During the games (I watched the first match and part of the second), I am pretty sure you keep misreading or misinterpreting the cards. I believe you thought the +2+1 spell is an instant (m1g1), and in m2g1 you decide not to attack (which is absolutely fine), but your reason being he can block with his Blood Soaked Champion. You even popped up the card and re read it’s “return to the battlefield” claus. I nearly yelled at the screen 🙂

    • ryanjhill says :

      Yeah, one of my weaknesses while recording (especially in a new format) is missing important details on the cards. I gotta get better at that. Even on my 13th M15 vid, I thought Hornet Queen cost 8 mana, had it in my hand, was commenting on the need for an 8th land, and lost because I was too silly to process the cmc IN MY HAND! Yeah…I really gotta get better at that. 🙂

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