Theros Draft #17 – Ryan

Ryan cheats on Erebos with Nylea.  Not gonna lie, she was kinda amazing.

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4 responses to “Theros Draft #17 – Ryan”

  1. judgemike says :

    I think your round 2 opponent is the only person in this world greedier than me 🙂

  2. Joseph Brzezinski says :

    Props to you for actually posting a draft you didn’t win not like most people on youtube. Btw 😉

    • ryanjhill says :

      Thanks! I think a lot of drafters avoid posting losses out of ego or fear of trolling (which certainly is a thing). I will admit, I try to only post drafts in which I at least make it to the finals. There are plenty of drafts I record that end in Round 1 or 2 losses. I don’t post those unless there is something really special about the draft (like a brew deck or interesting game play). I think it’s important to post three rounds of a draft (win or loss in the finals) so that viewers can have a return on their investment of time. If someone takes the time to watch me draft a deck, I want to be able to provide at least three matches of content with that deck. That allows for the most exposure to the deck to see how it fully plays out in a tournament.

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