M14 Draft #11 – Ryan

Ryan (rjh) is trying to play quicker for your viewing pleasure.  So he drafts a control deck designed to play into the late game.  Mission Not-Accomplished.

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2 responses to “M14 Draft #11 – Ryan”

  1. judgemike says :

    I was somewhat surprised at the Liturgy over Enlarge pick. I love the insta-win of Enlarge and although Liturgy is good, it is a 5 mana sorcery to remove a creature. Often Enlarge will do that if it doesn’t just win. That being said I like green more than I like black in M14 so my opinion might be swayed.

    Nit-Picky alert:

    M2G3 At 38:34 you draw a liturgy, and use it to kill trained condor. then use the mana to pump shade. you had clautrophobia in hand and could have used it on the token and gotten two less pumps on the shade but attacked with the team for lethal that turn. opponent had no cards in hand so nothing to lose.

    M3G2 I cried at 13:23 when you said you wanted to play the messenger drake but opted to cast liturgy instead, then proceeded to click okay through the message that your mana pool would be emptied. If you would have tapped 3 black and only 2 blue for liturgy you could have played both. Would have increased your clock.

  2. ryanjhill says :

    I still like Liturgy over Enlarge.

    You’re right about the sloppy play. Not sure why I missed on those. Thanks for pointing them out, though. I gotta watch stuff like that.

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