M14 Draft #10 – Ryan

To keep, or not to keep?  That is the question Ryan (rjh) repeatedly struggles with in this draft.  What hands would you mulligan vs. keep?

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2 responses to “M14 Draft #10 – Ryan”

  1. judgemike says :

    I like these GU decks. As you saw the power isn’t necessarily in the synergies so much as in its consistency. I am actually somewhat surprised on how down on Trained Condor you were in the first pack. That guy (gal?) is awesome in this deck, picking up your ground pounders for the win. Quite surprised it tabled. Then again, maybe staying in green was smarter because it did give you the advocate, which granted, we cannot live in hindsight, but ended up doing a little bit of work.

  2. ryanjhill says :

    Trained Condor tends to wheel and isn’t picked very highly, so I think I was expecting to see more of them later in the draft.

    I really want to draft Theros.

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