M14 Draft #5 – Mike

I believe I can fly. UW flyers is all Mike (schlocknock) wanted to draft. Let’s see if he gets there.

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2 responses to “M14 Draft #5 – Mike”

  1. Ryan Hill says :

    Early in the draft, I would have grabbed Divination over Griffin and Drake over Liturgy. Divination is great in this format. Drake is weaker than the removal, but is still powerful enough that it’s a good pick if it keeps you in one color. You could have been mono blue in pack 1 and then open to any second color going into pack 2.

  2. judgemike says :

    Best response for the first point is that like my little blurb stated, I had UW Flyers on the mind. Plus my thinking is that I didn’t wanna pass the Griffin up for a Divination if I’m probably gunna see another Divination. Regarding the Liturgy. I don’t mind being in the two colors, and I will pick up a second in the first pack. 4th pick is fairly decent for it. That being said I know that overdraftedness of blue so I don’t necessarily want to be stuck to my first two picks.

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