M14 Draft #3 – Ryan

Ryan (rjh) claws his way through this M14 8-4.  Tons of strategic choices, nailbiter-matches, quality opponents, and the ever evil mull to 5!

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4 responses to “M14 Draft #3 – Ryan”

  1. DeNaald says :

    The switch back to green seemed good in pack three, but that might be hindsight 🙂

  2. ryanjhill says :

    I honestly don’t know if switching back to green would have been correct (that’s how close it was). In hindsight, yes, had I chosen green in pack 1, I would have had a solid R/G deck (how many Predatory Slivers did I pass?!….Gosh!). But rewatching the draft, I still agree with my early picks: staying open and moving into black with the Doom Blade. Choosing the Wring Flesh in pack 3 is really the only pick I can see going another way…as you suggest. But I still like the logic I used at the time of making sure I had playables, thus sticking to black and taking the weaker card. I didn’t know green would continue to flow and only a Quag Sickness would come in black. Overall, this is a good discussion to have! So….convince me…why should I have switched back to green?

    And thanks for the comment! I’m still hoping we face-off again in a future draft!

    • DeNaald says :

      In the first pack, you didn’t see a whole lot of green, but then again, there might not have been any. You were passed a very late Woodborn Behemoth, and the Spore Mound wheeled, which was the only green card in the pack (aside from naturalize, which also wheeled). As I was watching, I thought green seemed open, and that you would get good green in pack 3, if it was there.

      So in pack 3, you have the choice of jumping back into green with the 4/4, giving up five playables (if you splash the doom blade, only four), but you gain the Behemoth and maybe the Spoor Mound if you’re light on playbles.

  3. ryanjhill says :

    I’m convinced that picking the Wring Flesh over the Baloth was too conservative and wrong. I should have grabbed the green card…and see if black or green would have come in the 3rd pack (green!…as it turns out!).
    Really glad you made me think about this tough decision. 🙂

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