DGR Draft #4 – Mike

I don’t want to say I get tied to my first pick, but sometimes things just end up working out that way. And “stuck” seems like such a harsh term, prefer to think that I am just making the right picks. Those are probably spoiler alerts but a fun draft nonetheless.

2 responses to “DGR Draft #4 – Mike”

  1. ryanjhill says :

    Dude, sweet deck! Good read on the draft got you The Gold: two color aggro guild. I think you overvalue Madcap Skills, and undervalue Boros Charm. Charm over Skills anyday! Also, I would have picked up the Smite over the Boros Keyrune…sure, neither are what your deck wants, but I’d rather have a mediocre removal spell than a ramp spell.

    • judgemike says :

      Madcap skills: I think it by itself can and does just run away with the game. We know that this format is not as aggressive as some of the previous ones so I think it does get a little bit better.I guess in the abstract the instant with 3 really good modes is more valuable than the aura but I think as unfortunate as it is madcap, in the deck I have, can be more high impact. If my opponent gums up the board, the double strike with creatures with 1 and 2 power isn’t going to do all that much, and yes although I want the ability to do 4 damage to the face, (and there is a scenario where that would have been helpful) I already know my deck is going to have to play very high risk, high reward.

      Smite: Sure smite is good, and Boros Keyrune isn’t exactly what I want, but I actually don’t mind the keyrune. With 16 lands I think the slight push toward my 5th land for the flyer isn’t irrelevant and it is a psuedo creature. I do largely just want to dump my hand and play creatures, sometimes I might have smite up, sometimes not. And actually the more that I type the more I am thinking you may be correct.If nothing else, I think I should have just cut smite to remove it from the pool. Well, lesson learned.

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