DGR Draft #1 – Ryan

Ramp ramp ramp.  Go Big or Go Home.  That’s the name of the game for Ryan (rjh) in this Dragon’s Maze 8-4.

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One response to “DGR Draft #1 – Ryan”

  1. judgemike says :

    Ryan, DGR..DGR..DGR

    I know I’ve said it before but I am quite the fan of your sound during videos. Much more conservative and thoughtful when it comes to picks. That leads me to my first point: elusive krasis? I know you kinda struggled about it and seeing one that late hits you in the feels, but 1) you know you aren’t going to be seeing that much blue and 2) ember beast is sweet in your deck that you are anticipating having a high creature count for anyway.

    Also, this may kind of contradict what I said at first, but I think you should have been a bit riskier in your game 3 keep/mull decision. Although I know that you are ramping and have three lands, I think being able to play something slightly more on curve is what you have to go for. It is definitely possible. We know that although I wouldn’t say the opponent’s deck was overall of a higher power level, there was (clearly) the potential for it to win with a couple 1 power flyers.

    And yet another caveat to what I just said: It is difficult to actually make that statement and feel 100% behind it, given that game 1 you flooded, game 2 your opponent was screwed, and game 3 you flooded again. Not blaming it, but looking at your deck composition versus his, if you all were able to do what you wanted to do, those games would have been the most straight up games of Magic as of recently. Creatures attack,creatures block, and lots of combat math. I guess that’s gruul for you.

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