GTC Draft #7 – Ryan

Giddy-up there, partner! Ryan (rjh) don’ mess around when there be Planeswalkin’ ta do.  Yee-ha!

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2 responses to “GTC Draft #7 – Ryan”

  1. judgemike says :

    Watching drafts is so much fun. I can definitely see progress not only in the way we are drafting but the way the videos are coming along. AWESOME!!!

    And much like you discuss toward the end of the video I agree with your evaluation of whether or not it was a good/bad choice to keep the hand that you had.

    What I thought was interesting though was, that despite the not so overwhelming power of your deck, the fact that there was another Orzhov drafter with some pretty quality cards.

    • ryanjhill says :

      yeah, good point. I guess that shows the depth of Orzhov and why it’s a great guild…the commons are the key to the deck and there can be enough to support multiple drafters at one table. now, that Simic deck…still my favorite, since day one!

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