GTC Draft #2 – Mike

Let’s see how Mike does when he changes it up a little from the general force Esper strategy.

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One response to “GTC Draft #2 – Mike”

  1. ryanjhill says :

    I’m so jealous! I want to draft Simic so bad. One of these days it’ll be open for me. 🙂 Kudos for a fun deck!

    A few thoughts on your draft: 1) I think you overlooked Court Street Denizen when you picked Verdant Haven. The creature is a perfectly playable 2/3. 2) In the Simic mirror, I am a fan of Forced Adaptation. Simic doesn’t get strong removal, so the enchantment is a safer card, and in the “wait and see whose creatures get bigger faster” game, Forced Adaptation is an all star. I would’ve gotten rid of the Spire Tracer (not sure why you’re playing it in the first place) which does nothing in that match-up. 3) At just before 17:00 in Round 2, you missed a pump on your Frilled Occulus which would’ve eaten your opponent’s blocker. That becomes relevant later in the match.

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