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THS Block Constructed #1 – Mike

Our hero Mike (schlocknock) ventures into the new world of constructed Magic. Well, if playing Mono-Black makes you a hero, then I guess we are correct. Block constructed is a new world, and hopefully more to come in the way of exploring new formats Magic has to offer.

Born of the Gods Draft #1 – Mike

It has finally arrived. Born of the Gods is on Magic Online. Mike (schlocknock) attempts to make his way through the new format, even though it really is just Theros+. He ain’t even mad. Now, if you watched Ryan’s draft, you can see Mike’s side of the story.

Theros Draft #18 – Ryan

Ryan drafts triple Theros one last time before Born of the Gods makes its way to Magic Online.  BONUS: Mike makes a special guest appearance!  Happy bromance day!

Theros (THS) Draft #8 – Mike

I couldn’t go to a Pre-Release 😦 Instead, I decided to bring you some more Theros. Since it’s me, I’m going to be the games got a little grindy…