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Born of the Gods Draft #5 – Ryan

After a brief hiatus while battling the flu, Ryan is back at the draft table.  Game one is a grinder.  You’ve been warned!

Born of the Gods Draft #4 – Ryan

First pick a powerful gold card, or pick a strong mono-colored card to stay open?  Ryan sets the draft in motion with his take on this tricky debate on first picks.

Born of the Gods Draft #3 – Ryan

Ryan takes a trip down memory lane by revisiting his favorite color-combination from triple Theros.  “It don’t matter, ’cause it’s best if you’re both.”

THS Block Constructed #1 – Mike

Our hero Mike (schlocknock) ventures into the new world of constructed Magic. Well, if playing Mono-Black makes you a hero, then I guess we are correct. Block constructed is a new world, and hopefully more to come in the way of exploring new formats Magic has to offer.